I am a senior manager at PwC, based in the Technology Consulting practice in London, with clients primarily in the financial services sector.

I work with clients to understand complex technical problems important to them and their organisation; plan and manage projects to deliver solutions - and enjoy collaborating to share my experience and to learn from others.

Areas of technical experience include quantitative finance and data analytics, and information security and IT controls. My practical experience in technology helps me both to understand the real IT implications of a “textbook” approach and to develop or manage tactical solutions where needed. And my training as a chartered accountant helps me put the technical challenges into a broader commercial perspective.

Industry experience

Investment banking: I have over 20 years of experience working with investment banks, building a broad range of experience in their products and services, processes, risks, controls, and technology. I have recently worked on projects supporting banks in responding to changes in regulatory requirements, including MiFID II, LIBOR transition, and PSD 2.

Other industry experience: In financial services, I also have experience in retail/commercial banks and insurance. Other experience includes online gaming and telecoms.

Information security and IT controls

Infrastructure, network, and server technical security: I have advised clients on the security of their technology and assisted them in defining and implementing suitable controls - through understanding how the technology works and interacts, the risks it faces in the client’s environment, and how it can be configured and managed to address them.

Information security management: I have advised clients on their security management - the policies and processes on which their security relies.

Penetration testing: I have performed penetration testing (ethical hacking) for a variety of clients. This included testing network and server infrastructure, web sites, and applications - assessing their security against both Internet-based/external and insider threats, and advising how they can strengthen their controls to meet those threats.

IT general controls: I have assessed and advised a variety of clients on their general computer controls - over areas including security, change management, software development, operations, resilience, and overall management of the IT function - as part of external audits, internal audits, or other projects. On these projects I obtained an understanding of the overall technology environment; its management, organisation, and strategy; and how it aligned with the needs and expectations of the business - providing me with a broad experience of technology across a variety of organisations.

Mathematics, quantitative finance and data analytics

MMath in mathematics & MSc in mathematical and computational finance (Oxford University): My first degree was an MMath in mathematics at Oxford University. I took a sabbatical year from PwC in 2007-08 to return to Oxford and obtain an MSc in mathematical and computational finance. Areas of study included modelling and pricing derivatives and other financial instruments; stochastic calculus and stochastic control; and numerical methods and implementation in C++ and Matlab.

MSc dissertation - pricing derivatives based on house prices: My dissertation was on Shared appreciation mortgages: property derivatives and unconventional loan interest charges. I developed a model for residential property prices based on historical time series; and used it to price mortgages where the finance/interest charge is based on the increase in in the property’s value, and to value other property derivatives.

Derivative valuation at an investment banking client: I recently spent over 3 years working in the Valuations function on an investment banking project. This included developing, tailoring, and applying quantitative finance models for valuing derivatives; reviewing counterparties’ valuation methodologies and data; and broader trade and market data analysis.

Statistical testing in the online gaming sector: I designed a methodology and developed software for statistically testing the generation of random numbers and game outcomes at an online gaming client. I have since been involved in refining and extending this for a variety of other clients in the gaming, gambling, and prize draw operations.

Applying technology

Tactical software development: I have experience in developing tactical software solutions (for example, using Python, C++, VBA, SQL, and R) and have used this in data analysis, quantitative finance, and security testing to deliver projects and automate inefficient manual processes.

Linux and open source: I use Linux, along with other open source tools, as a development and server platform for security testing and personal projects - providing practical insight into Linux/Unix system administration and the open source ecosystem.